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What are the construction hours? 

Construction hours 7 am – 7 pm Mon- Sat. Night Work  and Sunday work may occur  as needed.


Will the entire park be closed during construction?  

Yes, the entire park will be closed throughout the duration of construction to protect visitors and per NPS request. Once complete, the park will be reopened to users and visitors will be able to walk along the formalized park trail. Portions of the park not on the trail will remain off-limits to visitors to allow post-construction plantings to grow. 

What are the benefits of doing this project? 

Benefits of this project would include the rectification of an aging sewer system, improve structural integrity of the pipes while maintaining adequate hydraulic capacity, reduction of stream and groundwater infiltration, and mitigation for potential sanitary sewer overflows.

Will trees be cut down? 

Trees will be removed for both access of heavy equipment and as part of the asset protection work that will result in improved habitat within the creek. Trees will be mitigated both with extensive on-site replanting using native species approved by NPS arborists as well as payment to NPS to complete long-term maintenance of replanting. Trees removed on DDOT property would be mitigated in accordance with DDOT requirements for payment into the tree fund and would be replaced.


Will you interrupt water service at any time during construction? 

For any necessary temporary interruption of sewer services during construction, affected customers will be notified 7 days in advance.  


How long will this construction take to complete? 

The construction is scheduled to be complete February 2024 (weather permitting).


What impacts can nearby customers expect during construction? 

Some odor may be noticed temporarily during construction operations.

As with all construction projects, noise from equipment and workers on-site can be expected, however, during sewer cleaning, lining, and inspection operations, you may experience noise for abbreviated periods.


How will DC Water communicate with the customers? 

DC Water will conduct a robust community outreach campaign targeting all impacted customers. A dedicated 24-hour hotline is available for our customers. Customers can also email the project email.


Explain the DOEE permitting process for this project.

We can provide list of permits obtained during design and those to be obtained during construction.


What was evaluated as part of the Environmental Assessment? 

Because the project is located on federal property, and Environmental Assessment (EA) was required in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This NPS-led EA evaluated the impacts of the CIPP trenchless repair of the sewer pipes, the protection of manholes and sewers within and adjacent to the creek, and work to repair and rehabilitate manholes throughout the park. This alternative was compared to the option of doing nothing (No Action). That evaluation resulted in a list of necessary mitigation that will be in place during construction and included into the overall project. NPS published the EA in May 2019, and the NEPA process concluded in April 2020 with NPS publishing the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) document. These documents remain available online for public review.

Will there be any odor during this construction? 

Some odor is expected during construction. 


Who is the POC (point of contact) for this project? 

The project email and 24-hour hotline are always available to customers. 


Will parking be affected? 

At various times during construction, “No Parking” signs may be placed in certain areas in and around the work zone.  Notifications regarding “No Parking” zones will be posted 72 hours prior to construction, as required by DDOT. 


When will the park be open to the public? 

The Park will be closed during construction. The construction completion date is anticipated to be February 2024 (weather permitting). The park will  be reopened with restrictions in certain areas to ensure adequate plant growth. 


Where can I learn more about this project? 

To learn more about this project go to our website:

Will the trail be restored with large steppingstones crossing the creek? 

Certain segments of the trail that cross the creek will be formalized with large steppingstones to allow access from one side to another. 

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